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Naples Car Service

We love so much our Naples car service customers! And they love us more. They also keep us going with repeat business and referrals 24 hours.

Despite Uber, Lift and else, when such drivers are illegal naples car servicetaxi and car service in Naples remain strong. Truly, what is the point using a cheap taxi service, when such drivers are illegal.

Naples car service Fort Myers airport, Punta Gorda, Miami, Fort Lauderdale

Unlike these illegal services, we respond accordingly to customer’s choice and wants. Then, they feel at home every time they ride with us.


Why TAXI is BETTER than Uber

Uber taxi

Why taxi is different and better than Uber taxi
Unlike Uber taxi, Started in the late 19th century from french word taxi mètre. From taxe ‘tariff’, from the verb taxer ‘to tax’ + -mètre’(instrument) measuring. We’re different and better than Uber taxi.
The term taxi, also known as a taxi or a cab. It’s also a type of insured vehicle for hire with a certified licensed driver. A single passenger or small group of passengers, often for a ride. A taxicab carries passengers between one location to another of their choice.

Annually, each taxi driver submit to the county, where he operates: uber taxi
A background check.
A renewal package, making sure such the driver is not a drug addict, a felon, a DUI, a criminal, a good moral character person who is not a case to the public.
If this driver ever drive 15 miles over the speed limit posted, he’s automatically disqualified as taxi driver because of a reckless activity.
Vehicles must be in good working condition at all times, inspected annually by a certified mechanic, before renewal. The county determine the taxi fare, so the customer doesn’t overcharge and the driver doesn’t underpaid.

Uber – Definition

An app that connects drivers and passengers.
A so-called service company without regulations, pick up people for a fare with the app instead of a taximeter. Sometimes charged more than taxi fares, operating in our counties, city and suburbs where our authorities don’t have any jurisdiction over this movement because it’s a state regulated business. Give me a brake!!!!!!!!!!
This differs from other modes of transport where the pick-up and drop-off locations are determined by an app, uninsured shared-ride personal vehicle. The passenger doesn’t have any idea, when accident occurs who takes care medical payment and other liabilities .

Ask yourself these Questions:

What is Uber’s phone number?
What is Uber’s business address, city and state?
How do I reach Uber’s personal?
Ask the driver for the insurance certificate and the coverage limit as a commercial vehicle.

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